Shri Radha Krishna Mandir Welcomes You

Temple History

Our Mandir was started by some very beautiful divine souls some twenty years ago out of a small classroom of Young Drivers of Canada which was operated by Mahindra Tiwary .

Since its conception Shri Krishna Mandir has always been there to help devotees firstly believe in themselves and then believe that anything else is possible through God’s grace. Our mission has always and will always be to bring about renewed love for God and his people.

Shri Krishna Mandir is people – people who love God and each other. We want to love God above all else and love our friends, relations and neighbours as ourselves. We want to express the love of God in tangible and personal ways toward the less fortunate and needy among us. Because love is the distinguishing mark of Shri Satya Sanatan Vedic Dharma we want all our relationships to reflect the love of God. Premhi Prem Ka Tatva Hai Premhi Eshvar Naam Prem Bina Sansaar Me Jeevan Hai Kya Kaam. If we are to loose this reflection then our lives and our efforts would be useless.

Shri Krishna Mandir is people who love God and delight to express our love for him in worship together. We sing, pray, give praise and adore the God who made us and sent great saints such as Veda Vyaas and Sant Tulsidas so that we can know God and live with him forever. We bow our heads, hearts and whole lives to God and exalt the name of our Lord, the name that is above every name.

Shri Krishna Mandir – is people who are learning what it means to follow Shri Satya Sanatan Vedic Dharma. As devotees we study the various scriptures such as Shri Ramacharitmanas and Shiva Maha Purana so that we may learn more about God to know him and honour him. We pray because it deepens our intimacy with God which gives us an understanding of our existence. We personally and corporately follow God because God walked that path and we are here to follow God’s path as depicted in Ramayana (Rama’s Path).

We strive and discipline ourselves to become more like Maryaada Purushotama Shri Rama and Shri Jagad Guru Radhevar Krishna because true learning results in transformation, a transformation that God uses to touch and transform others.

Shri Krishna Mandir is people who love their friends, family and neighbours, meet their needs, and bring them the good news about our Dharma. We are convinced that God is the only hope of the world so we want to use creative, compelling and compassionate ways to share his love and message with people here, there and everywhere. We believe God has blessed us to be a blessing to others so we want to use our resources to meet their needs.


  1. Utilize our temple devotees as the primary outreach means of Shri Krishna Mandir.
  2. Mobilize and equip devotees to minister within our neighbourhoods, home and workplace.
  3. Develop relationships that help us do our part to protect Dharma and serve people in need.
  4. Follow the teachings of the great Saints and Sages and teachings of our Avataars.
  5. To preserve our Hindu community through multiple means.
  6. Use small groups to reach devotees and care for devotee’s needs.
  7. Use creative methods to help devotees discover their relationship with God and worship Him.
  8. Make prayer a priority for children, so that they may develop their spiritual gifts.
  9. To teach our Dharma and educate from childhood so that there is a transformation in all areas of life.
  10. Discipline our children and youth through educative examples and equip them to share their faith with others.