Shri Radha Krishna Mandir Welcomes You

Dear Divine Embodiments Of God:

Jai Siya Raam

On behalf of the Executive committee, I would like to thank all devotees and the congregation for placing your trust in our youth who are managing this temple.  The youth and I will make every effort to live up to your expectations.

We are also thankful to all devotees for their selfless devotion, contribution, and hard work in developing this Temple to become one of the best temples in God’s Kingdom. We will continue to seek and trust the opinions of those respectable devotees  who have made this Temple possible. With their help and support, our team of youths will continue to keep the growth and momentum by taking a positive look at the possibilities for the progress and future of this Temple.

On a day to day basis, our Temple is run with the help of volunteers from the congregation. In addition to the volunteer Priests, we have numerous other ‘behind the curtain’ volunteers who help with the cooking and serving of Mahaprasad, cleaning and maintaining the premises and washing and ironing clothes of deities, etc.

On behalf of the Executive Committee, I sincerely thank all of them and request their continued support. Also, we encourage and request more members of the congregation to become involved with these volunteer activities at the Temple.

Our team is geared up actively to provide service to this community. The primary focus of our temple is to satisfy religious needs of the devotees on a regular basis and cater to the devotees’ special religious ceremonial needs whenever required.  We will also strive to promote our religious and cultural values to our future generation through cultural events, and the services provided by our new Balavihar team.

Our focus is on children who are our future  It is our intent to impart our rich cultural and religious  teachings of Shri Satya Sanatan Vedic Dharma for future generations.  We are also very focused on humanitarian service.  We currently distribute food and clothing to those who are homeless and those in shelter, while at same time we give a helping to Caribbean Children Foundation, an organisation that is brining health joy to unfortune kids.

To continue to maintain and grow our Temple and provide for humanity, we will need your continued financial and moral support. We urge you to be generous in your financial contributions to the Temple and would like to encourage regular monthly donations in the form of membership fees from all members of the congregation.  And just a note we firmly believe in and practise transparency.

As always, we welcome and value your ideas and suggestions for the improvement and betterment of this Temple. Please contact me or one of the members of the management if you would like to become involved in our efforts.

Our well wishes to you and may Bhagwan’s choicest blessings be with everyone always, Namaskaar and Jai Siya Rama.

Mahindra Tiwary D.B.A, D.B.M. BA. M.C.S.E