While there is no formal training for Pandits here in Canada, our Purohits are constantly reviewing and upgrading to meet the needs of the devotees.

Pdt. Akshay TiwaryPdt. Akshay Tiwary.

Akshay commenced his training at a very early age and is currently in pursuit of a higher understanding of the spiritual concept of Vedic Dharma through the studies of Vedas and Sastras.

He is currently in High School pursuing his academic skills and learning, he started his practice as a Vedic Bramhin Purohit at the age of 12 when he officiated for the first time in the recitation of a four days Shri Raam Charit Manas Yajna. He currently conduct Puja in the Mandir and give Pravachan on the fourth Sunday of every month and as requested by devotees.